Dee Dee

Another fashion test from way back. Double denim is way cool.

I Love Mistakes

While I try my best when loading 120 film onto a spool during processing, sometimes the suffering takes over and I lose control. This scan is an example of BAD processing, but, on the other hand, it provides an unexpected result. 

What puzzles me most about this image is the colour in this B/W negative that appears in the road. I don't know the reason why, but I'm sure it has something to do with film sticking to each other.

Anyhow, it's sometimes interesting to make mistakes and surprising to see something new.

Holly - Embellished Collars

Here's a beauty test from a while ago. I collaborated with my girlfriend who developed the idea of embellished collars with a focus on past decades. She spent hours making these by hand.

It's nice to look back sometimes. I thought fashion was going to be the natural progression but looking at these, a strong sense of portraiture is evident. 

Mission Australia Appeals

Some recent appeals for Mission Australia.

A Different Shade... The Sydney Opera House

The plan was to capture The Sydney Opera House during dusk, unfortunately the light wasn't great. Hiring a water taxi for an hour isn't cheap so the finger was on the button till the end. I think persistence pays off. At times I seek perfection, but those unexpected moments often seem more interesting.

Artist Robyn Denny from South Africa

Robyn used to be my neighbour. I miss her creative energy and insight. The garage was her studio, now it's filled with a car and a Harley Davidson. Here is a reminder of the peace and tranquility the space shared.